Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Mini Beads Flora and Fauna

Create these detailed and colorful images of a flamingo, tropical fish, lizard, and blossom with the expanded color palette of Perler mini beads.

Pizza My Heart

Make this for your best friend as the perfect Valentine or birthday gift! Printed message provided, or use a photo. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Mini Beads Every Stupid Thing

Perfect for a Valentine or everyday, this mini beads verse conveys that love is unconditional.

Winter Sport Silhouettes

If you love winter sports, these silhouette images are just for you—a snowboarder, downhill racer, freestyle skier, and speed skater. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Team Helmets

Show your team spirit when you make a helmet in your team's colors! Idea starters provided plus a blank helmet template. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Standard Fusing Method

Watch our video of our standard fusing method to see how easy it is to complete a Perler fuse bead project in just a few steps. With Perler, you have endless creativity!

Mini Beads Mermaid and Seahorses

Perler Mini Beads are perfect for creating this sweet mermaid and her pair of seahorses.

Sweets for the Sweet

For your bestie, make a cupcake, ice cream cone, heart, and BFF design in Perler beads to let them know how much their friendship means.

Mini Beads Lemon-Lime Coasters

Make four different patterns with Perler Mini Beads for these zesty, citrus-colored coasters. The set makes a nice gift!

Mini Beads Camera Necklace

Create this fun point-and-shoot camera necklace with Perler Mini Beads! Quick and easy, and makes a great gift.

Cute Critters

Check out the sweet faces of the fox, owl, penguin, and meerkat! Quick and easy projects to make with Perler beads.

Women of American History

Pay homage to five great women of American History: Sacagawea, Betsy Ross, Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, and Sally Ride. Great for school projects! Designed by Kyle McCoy.

American Gothic Revisited

Create a Perler rendition of the famous painting, American Gothic, and a picture frame version that can feature your own photos!

Santa Suit Alphabet

Use these festive letters to make a garland, add a message to a wreath, add an initial as a package tie, or glue a name to a stocking. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Santa in the Chimney

This fun Santa in the chimney treat holder is easy to make and perfect to hold wrapped candies. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Mini Beads Nativity

This tender Nativity scene features the Holy Family, 3 Wise Men, 2 shepherds, the angel, and a host of animals in mini beads. The stable itself is created with regular size beads. Designed by Kyle McC

Mini Beads Bird Ornaments

Make these pretty winter birds decked out with their winter hats and scarves! Made with mini beads, they make great ornaments for your tree, wreath, or packages.

Thanksgiving Food Magnets

Use these fun food magnets on the fridge to indicate what's left of the Thanksgiving Feast—turkey, stuffing, pie, and more! Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Halloween Candy Dish

Here is a Halloween candy dish from Kyle McCoy that was inspired by a similar floral design we admired on social media—kudos to that clever Perler artist!

Xray Skull

Make this bone-chilling glow in the dark skull to creep out your Halloween trick or treaters! 10-3/4" high. Designed by Kyle McCoy.


This glow in the dark Jack-in-the-Moon is the perfect decoration for Halloween night! 10-1/2" high. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Creepy Rats

Tuck these Perler rats among your pumpkins and decorations or place them on the steps for bone-chilling fun! The tallest is 7-3/4" high! Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Award Ribbons

Use these Perler award ribbons at home or in the classroom! Quick and easy to make, there are 4 messages provided, or make up your own.

Weather Forecast

Make a display of the week's weather for the classroom or at home on the fridge. Fun, easy icons!

Street Signs

Customize your street sign with your name or other words to show your personality, like Awesome Avenue or Sweet Street! Complete alphabet included to make great bedroom door signs.

Rainbow Unicorn

This pretty Perler rainbow unicorn is perfect for a little girl's room! Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Mini Beads Summer Earrings

Make these adorable summer earrings with Mini Beads—rainbows, ice cream cones, and dimensional flip flops!


Create this handsome portrait of a beagle by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger workspace. Look for the other dogs in this series!

Reef View

Explore the reef beneath the surface to find an amazing wonderland!

All My Family

Change the colors and shapes to make your own family figures. Even make a framed family portrait!

Walking the Dog

Every time you take the dog for a walk, where does he want to go? Right, to the fire hydrant! So we made one for this little pooch along with his very own leash!


Create this terrific portrait of a boxer by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger workspace. Look for the other dogs in this series!


Make these two enchanting mermaids, Serena and Merissa, to bring a little deep sea magic to any room.

Fidget Spinners

Make your own fidget spinners with your favorite colors of Perler beads. Fun for trading with friends!

Life at the Beach

Make a handsome sandcastle while a pelican stands by on a piling and watches. Easy project!

Beach Signs

These Perler bead signs make a fun display—tack to a sign post or hang on the wall!

Dolphin and Ducky

This fun dolphin with its ducky float is great to make for the kids bathroom or a beach house. Perler makes it easy!

Ice Cream Cones

Have fun making these realistic looking ice cream cones with Perler beads. We created Peppermint Swirl and Chunky Strawberry "flavors", but you can change the bead colors and pattern to create YOUR fa

Sweet Cupcake

Have a cupcake party and let each of your friends make a Perler cupcake to take home!

Girl Power

Remind girls of their many strengths with a Girl Power flower made from Perler beads!

Elephants and Butterflies

Mama elephant and butterfly with their youngsters are fun and quick to make in Perler beads!


This pretty seahorse makes a great wall decoration for a beach house or kid's room. Print or paint an undersea backdrop for it to show it off!

Pennant Banner

Decorate a kid's room or a party setting with a personalized pennant banner. Change out the letters to reuse the banner for another occasion!


Make a fun wall decoration for a beach house or kid's room with these cartoonish pelicans! Print or paint an ocean backdrop to show them off!

Fruit Bookmarks

Kids will love making these quick and colorful fruit bookmarks—great for sharing and trading!

Fido and Finnegan

Best friends Fido and Finnegan are always looking for adventure! These silly characters are great for storytelling. From designer Kyle McCoy.

Colorful Campers

Make these fun, colorful campers from Perler beads: the Big Green Beast, the Retro Diner, the Dreamhouse, and the Golden Egg!

Lotsa Llamas

Create a fun scene for a child's bedroom of colorful llamas dressed in hats and blankets. Make one or all eleven!

Pretty Birds

Make this collection of colorful Perler bead birds to use as ornaments, make into pins or hat decorations, add to a greeting card, or hang in a window! From designer Kyle McCoy.

Hanging Planters

These pretty planters with a mod geometric spin make wonderful gifts! Change the colors to your favorites for a whole new look. From designer Kyle McCoy.