Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Unicorn Carousel

This unicorn carousel made from Perler fuse beads will add a splash of color and a bit of magic to your room.

Tiki Cups and Mats

Find the primitive faces in these fun tiki cups. Four designs in different sizes. Use them as flat mats or make into cups. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Medieval Characters

Have fun creating this colorful set of medieval characters: a king, a knight, a dragon, a princess, and a jester. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Chinese Dragon

This 3D Chinese Dragon is fun to create with Perler beads. Change the colors for an entirely different dragon!

Patchwork Tree Scene

Designed by Lennis RodriguezSpark up your winter with this colorful fantasy of snowy patchwork evergreens in bright shades of Perler beads.

Mini Beads Mermaid and Seahorses

Perler Mini Beads are perfect for creating this sweet mermaid and her pair of seahorses.

Rainbow Unicorn

This pretty Perler rainbow unicorn is perfect for a little girl's room! Designed by Kyle McCoy.


Make these two enchanting mermaids, Serena and Merissa, to bring a little deep sea magic to any room.

Spirit of Mardi Gras Mask

Celebrate Mardi Gras with a fun mask you create from Perler beads. Assembly is quick and easy!

Monster Madness

Posed in a swamp of muck and vapor, this pile-up of teeth-baring monsters is devilishly appealing! Size: 22" x 30".

Pretty Princess Crown

You can be the princess at your own party, or use for dress-up any day! This fun and easy project can be done in no time, and you can say you did it yourself!

Skater Dino Girl

She's on the move! Create this fun Dino Girl skater with Perler beads, and add the sweet detail of a chin strap on her helmet. Just too cute!

Friendly Dragon

This cute baby dragon is trying his best to puff out his fire breath, but he's just not too terrifying quite yet! With easy 3D assembly, you can even change the colors and create a sister for him!

Princess and Pony

Create Princess Violet and her pony Starbright as they seek adventure in the wide, wide world! Make up your own stories about their fun travels.


This handsome castle made from Perler Beads is the stuff of fairy tales. Make up a story about the princess that lives here as you create it.

3D Dollhouse Vanity and Chair

Create this pretty vanity with matching chair for your dollhouse in Perler Beads! It's easy to substitute your own colors if you want. The perfect rainy day project to do with Mom!

3D Dollhouse Table and Chair

Dress up your dollhouse with our table and chair set made from Perler Beads! You can easily substitute your favorite colors to match your dollhouse if you want. A great mother/daughter project to shar

3D Dollhouse Sofa and Table

Make fun dollhouse furniture with Perler Beads! This project includes a sofa and matching coffee table. Use our colors or change them to match your dollhouse. See the other coordinating projects!

3D Dollhouse Bed and Shelf

Create adorable dollhouse furniture in Perler Beads. This project makes a bed with a pretty quilt, and a matching shelf. Use our colors, or change them to match your dollhouse. A great "Mommy and me"

3D Dresser

This dresser made of Perler Beads is a great addition to your dollhouse furniture. It even has drawers! Now THAT is cool! Assembly is done with clear lacing and tab/slot techniques.

3D Chair

Create this easy chair to add to your dollhouse furniture made of Perler Beads. Assembly is done with a simple tab/slot technique and clear lacing.

3D Piano

Imagine a baby grand piano in the parlor of your doll house! You can create one with Perler Beads. This piano looks so real you can almost hear the music playing…

3D Fireplace

Every dollhouse needs a fireplace and you can make one from Perler Beads! Assembly is simple with clear lacing.

3D Bed

Create your own dollhouse furniture with this cute bed made of Perler Beads. You will even have a pillow and a cozy quilt! Simple tab/slot assembly.

Glowing Aliens

You'll use some glow-in-the-dark beads to create these cool glowing aliens and their spaceship. ET—phone home!

Zombie Mask

Going for gruesome this Halloween? Make this scary zombie mask with Perler beads, complete with a 3D hanging eyeball and scare the wits out of your friends! Designed By Leslie Blatt.

Fancy Masks

Make these beautiful, fancy masks for a Halloween princess or fairy costume, Mardi Gras, or birthday party for a special girl. Add adhesive gems and Snap-ins shapes for sparkle and interest.

Princess Mask and Wand

Every little girl can feel like a princess with this pretty mask and magic wand made from Perler beads. Gems and ribbons bring the fantasy to life! Designed by Leslie Blatt.

Sugar Skull Masks

Add these awesome Sugar Skull masks to your zombie costume this Halloween! Colorful and sparkling with adhesive gem add-ons, you'll be a stand-out at the Halloween parade or party! Two great sizes. De

Funny Face Masks

Here are two quick and easy ways to make a Perler funny face for a party or to add to a costume. Slide your bead design onto a bead stem and you're ready for a laugh!