Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Mini Beads Koi Pond

Beautifully adapted from a needlepoint design, the colors in these koi pop in Perler Mini Beads. Finish with a frame to turn it into a lovely wall hanging.

Mini Beads Mandala Dreamcatcher

Go Native American style when you make this Mini Beads Mandala Dreamcatcher from Perler Mini Beads. Choose natural or colored feathers to embellish your piece. A quick and easy project!

Mini Beads Gaming Earrings

Are you a devoted video gamer? Then these Perler Mini Beads gaming earrings are the perfect fashion item to show off your interest. Quick and easy to make!

Mini Beads Bracelet and Earring Sets

Create these stylish bracelet and earring sets with Perler Mini Beads, combining fusing and bead weaving. We used the bead colors from the Mini Beads tray of neutral colors, but you can choose your ow

Mini Beads Peacock, Elephant, and Turtle

With Mini Beads, you can achieve all this amazing detail at a small size!

Mini Beads Owls and Butterfly

Bright colors and patterns give these creatures life in great detail with Mini Beads!

Mini Beads LOVE Letters

The 3" size and detailed letter style in our LOVE message is created with Mini Beads.

Mini Beads Hipster Cat and Dog

Created with Perler mini beads, you'll love the detail in these 6" pet portraits!

Mini Beads Tassel Necklaces

Create a trendy necklace with Perler mini beads and soft tassels. Easy to customize to your favorite colors!

Mini Beads Beetles

Our colorful beetles are made with Perler mini beads and mounted with patterned fabric into 4" wooden embroidery hoops to display.

Mini Beads Flora and Fauna

Create these detailed and colorful images of a flamingo, tropical fish, lizard, and blossom with the expanded color palette of Perler mini beads.

Mini Beads Every Stupid Thing

Perfect for a Valentine or everyday, this mini beads verse conveys that love is unconditional.

Mini Beads Mermaid and Seahorses

Perler Mini Beads are perfect for creating this sweet mermaid and her pair of seahorses.

Mini Beads Lemon-Lime Coasters

Make four different patterns with Perler Mini Beads for these zesty, citrus-colored coasters. The set makes a nice gift!

Mini Beads Camera Necklace

Create this fun point-and-shoot camera necklace with Perler Mini Beads! Quick and easy, and makes a great gift.

Mini Beads Nativity

This tender Nativity scene features the Holy Family, 3 Wise Men, 2 shepherds, the angel, and a host of animals in mini beads. The stable itself is created with regular size beads. Designed by Kyle McC

Mini Beads Bird Ornaments

Make these pretty winter birds decked out with their winter hats and scarves! Made with mini beads, they make great ornaments for your tree, wreath, or packages.

Mini Beads Summer Earrings

Make these adorable summer earrings with Mini Beads—rainbows, ice cream cones, and dimensional flip flops!

Love Much, Mini Beads

This pretty Mini Beads expression is enhanced by its decorative standing clipboard.

Mini Beads Pins

Create these adorable pins in Mini Beads! Choose from a camper, emoji, cactus, and ice cream cone.

Mini Beads Reindeer Ornaments

Decorate your tree or wreath this season with these leaping and prancing reindeer ornaments made with Perler Mini Beads. The set makes a great gift!

Mini Beads Skating Santa Snow Globe

Capture the wonderful detail of Santa skating when you create this delightful snow globe using Perler Mini Beads! Makes a super-fun decoration for the holidays and is a great gift idea, too!

Football Silhouettes

Make a great wall display for a kid's room or man-cave! 2 panels are made with classic beads, the other two with mini beads. 30" x 30" as shown.

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