Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Mini Beads Koi Pond

Beautifully adapted from a needlepoint design, the colors in these koi pop in Perler Mini Beads. Finish with a frame to turn it into a lovely wall hanging.

Carnival Fun

It's a fun day at the carnival, and two colorful clowns are up to their antics to make you laugh! This project includes the printable background scene.

Patchwork Tree Scene

Designed by Lennis RodriguezSpark up your winter with this colorful fantasy of snowy patchwork evergreens in bright shades of Perler beads.

The Scream

The modern art classic "The Scream" by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch is well adapted for Perler beads by pixel artist Kyle McCoy.

Starry Night

Recreate the art classic Starry Night in Perler Beads! Originally an oil painting by Vincent Van Gogh, this stunning image has been adapted by pixel artist Kyle McCoy.

American Gothic Revisited

Create a Perler rendition of the famous painting, American Gothic, and a picture frame version that can feature your own photos!

All My Family

Change the colors and shapes to make your own family figures. Even make a framed family portrait!

The Pond is Alive!

With this terrific project, you create a whole scene and make the pond come to life with your Perler Bead creatures! The background picture of the pond is right here for you to download and print.

Tropical Fish Scene

Go snorkeling with Perler Beads to find these colorful tropical fish scene! Created by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger workspace, you'll have fun visiting the deep blue sea.

Create a Scene

Designed By The Perler Design TeamWhat fun to draw or paint your own scene and decorate it with objects you make with Perler Beads! Here's one scene to get you started, then let your imagination run w