Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Jungle Cake Topper

Add this whimsical jungle-themed topper made with Perler fuse beads to a cake for a birthday celebration or baby shower.

Pet Treat Caddy

Pets love treats! Use Perler fuse beads to decorate this clever container that holds treats for your favorite four-legged friend.

Jellyfish Wind Streamer

Make this cute fuse bead jellyfish wind streamer to hang on a porch or patio. If you want to use it indoors, you can hang it from the ceiling or display on a wall, door, or window.

Octopus Picture Frame

Keep summer memories alive with this unique layered frame made with Perler fuse beads.

Snappix Sea Turtle

Create this whimsical sea turtle using the new Snappix frosted mesh canvas from Perler. It’s so easy to snap classic Perler beads into the flexible canvas to make a unique artful design.

Tropical Fish Wall Hanging

Venture into the depths of the sea to find this cute no-iron design! Perler beads can be used in lots of creative ways besides fusing with an iron and this tropical fish is just one example of those

Coral Reef Water Globe

This fuse bead project will have you thinking of warm tropical days by the ocean. Make your own water globe to display all summer long on a shelf, desk, or table.

Easter Chick

Easter is coming and the chicks are hatching! Create this fun and easy fused bead project to display on a shelf, windowsill, or table.

Easter Bunny with Egg

Hop to it and create this cute bunny and egg design using Perler fuse beads. Make it a fun family project and make several to display around the house for the Easter season.

Park Ranger

Imagine all the exciting things a Ranger will see during a patrol in the great outdoors.

Spring Bunnies

You'll have fun creating these cute Spring Bunnies on the new bunny pegboard from Perler. Great for Easter!

Bunny With Rose

You'll have a blast creating this adorable bunny with a rose. Great for Easter! Pattern can also be found in our Pattern Pad.

Summer Bluegills

Grab your fishing poles, this catch will make great campfire conversation!

Playful Pup

Create this great portrait of a playful pup by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger design space. Fun for the whole family!

Alaskan Animals

Designed By Holly CraftWhat wildlife will you find in Alaska? How about a grizzly bear, a moose, a sled dog, and a bald eagle? You can create these easily in Perler Beads, either as flat pieces or wit

Mini Beads Koi Pond

Beautifully adapted from a needlepoint design, the colors in these koi pop in Perler Mini Beads. Finish with a frame to turn it into a lovely wall hanging.

Vampire Bat

Make a bunch of bats to hang from your front porch or doorway, or to decorate for a Halloween party. The red gems really bring out the look of vampire thirst!

Flamingo Coasters

Create some tropical fun when you make these flamingo coasters with glitter beads from Perler! Make a set for a gift or summer picnic.

Mini Beads Peacock, Elephant, and Turtle

With Mini Beads, you can achieve all this amazing detail at a small size!

Mini Beads Owls and Butterfly

Bright colors and patterns give these creatures life in great detail with Mini Beads!

Mini Beads Hipster Cat and Dog

Created with Perler mini beads, you'll love the detail in these 6" pet portraits!

Pampered Pets

Three puppies and a cat show off their colorful neckwear and a puffed-up fish displays its bright hues in this fun collection of pets. Quick and easy projects!

Polar Bear Winter

Create this fun scene with a printed background and Perler polar bears all dressed in their winter hats and scarves! Print the background from your computer, add a little artificial snow, and your pol

Rainbow Elephant

The power of positive thinking can turn plain water into a rainbow! Make this fun Perler elephant taking a rainbow bath. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Mini Beads Beetles

Our colorful beetles are made with Perler mini beads and mounted with patterned fabric into 4" wooden embroidery hoops to display.

Mini Beads Flora and Fauna

Create these detailed and colorful images of a flamingo, tropical fish, lizard, and blossom with the expanded color palette of Perler mini beads.

Mini Beads Mermaid and Seahorses

Perler Mini Beads are perfect for creating this sweet mermaid and her pair of seahorses.

Cute Critters

Check out the sweet faces of the fox, owl, penguin, and meerkat! Quick and easy projects to make with Perler beads.

Mini Beads Bird Ornaments

Make these pretty winter birds decked out with their winter hats and scarves! Made with mini beads, they make great ornaments for your tree, wreath, or packages.


Create this handsome portrait of a beagle by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger workspace. Look for the other dogs in this series!

Reef View

Explore the reef beneath the surface to find an amazing wonderland!

Walking the Dog

Every time you take the dog for a walk, where does he want to go? Right, to the fire hydrant! So we made one for this little pooch along with his very own leash!


Create this terrific portrait of a boxer by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger workspace. Look for the other dogs in this series!

Life at the Beach

Make a handsome sandcastle while a pelican stands by on a piling and watches. Easy project!

Dolphin and Ducky

This fun dolphin with its ducky float is great to make for the kids bathroom or a beach house. Perler makes it easy!

Elephants and Butterflies

Mama elephant and butterfly with their youngsters are fun and quick to make in Perler beads!


This pretty seahorse makes a great wall decoration for a beach house or kid's room. Print or paint an undersea backdrop for it to show it off!


Make a fun wall decoration for a beach house or kid's room with these cartoonish pelicans! Print or paint an ocean backdrop to show them off!

Fido and Finnegan

Best friends Fido and Finnegan are always looking for adventure! These silly characters are great for storytelling. From designer Kyle McCoy.

Lotsa Llamas

Create a fun scene for a child's bedroom of colorful llamas dressed in hats and blankets. Make one or all eleven!

Pretty Birds

Make this collection of colorful Perler bead birds to use as ornaments, make into pins or hat decorations, add to a greeting card, or hang in a window! From designer Kyle McCoy.

Day of the Dinosaur

Recreate the prehistoric era with Perler 3D dinosaurs where a brontosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, and T-rex roam the land.

Tropical Reef

It's colorful here on the tropical reef in this snapshot view of underwater life. Design by Kyle McCoy.


Yikes! This ferocious shark is effectively brought to life by designer Kyle McCoy.

Graphic Cat

This 20" x 15" graphic cat design was inspired by a wood-cut style stamp. A great design for using the Tape Method of fusing.

Owl Always Love You

What a fun way to tell a sweetheart or best pal how much you care! Multiple message options.

Mini Beads Reindeer Ornaments

Decorate your tree or wreath this season with these leaping and prancing reindeer ornaments made with Perler Mini Beads. The set makes a great gift!

Kitten in the Covers

Create this adorable portrait of a kitten playing in the covers by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger design space. Make it a family time project!

Busy as a Beehive

Designed By Holly CraftMake these sweet beehive creations with Perler Beads! You can create a flat beehive and one in 3D along with bees in two different sizes. These are cool decorations for your tab


These little guys are fun to make, especially for decorating at Easter. Attach one to an Easter basket or tuck one in an Easter card.

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