Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Fashion Necklaces

Designed By Lennis RodriguezWith the Jewelry Bead Tray Activity Kit, you can make either of these two fantastic necklaces. They're fun and easy using stringing, fusing, shaped beads, striped beads, an

Fancy Floral Necklace

This beautiful floral necklace is fancy enough for the Academy Awards! Easy and quick to make with Perler beads in your favorite colors.

Friendship Necklace

Designed By Karen BenvenutiWith Perler beads, you can create a Friendship Necklace as a gift for your BFF, or collect and trade friendship bead disks among all your friends. You can even choose a bead

Zebra Jewelry Set

Create this pretty jewelry set in a snap with Perler beads! We used the zebra stripe beads for the bracelet, earrings, and pendant that will go with any outfit. Change the colors to suit your style!

Treat Time Jewelry

Girls will have a great time making these treat food jewelry pieces from Perler beads—an ice cream sandwich necklace with matching ice cream cone earrings, plus watermelon slice earrings. Designed By

Fashion Earrings

Make these fun and easy earrings with Perler beads to wear with all your outfits. Design your own earrings by simply changing the colors and shapes.

Summer Bracelets

It's so easy to make pretty bead-weaving bracelets with Perler beads, and there is no fusing so these projects are portable! Dress them up with decorative metal beads, charms, or a tassel and you have

Mom and Me Bracelets

Use your favorite Perler Beads 'n Rods mix to create these colorful matching bracelets for mother and daughter. Not only do the bracelets match in color, but the charms say "you hold the key to my hea

Loom Band Bracelet

If you are into making loom band jewelry, adding Perler beads is a great way to add to the colorful look! Match or contrast bead colors to the rubber bands you will use. It's a great look and easy to

Friendship Bracelets

Make these fun and trendy bracelets with colorful floss and Perler Beads. Wear several at once, share and trade them with your friends—once you get started, you just can't stop! All are variations of

Pretty Princess Crown

You can be the princess at your own party, or use for dress-up any day! This fun and easy project can be done in no time, and you can say you did it yourself!

Ice Cream Visor

This simple and quick project gives you a fun way to show off with Perler Beads and dress up a sun visor at the same time! What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Girlie Shirts

Make these cute girlie shirts when you design your own fashions with the t-shirt pegboard! You can display them on "clothesline" using string and mini clothespins.


These little guys are fun to make, especially for decorating at Easter. Attach one to an Easter basket or tuck one in an Easter card.

Loving Animals

These sweet creatures wear their hearts right where you can see them! You can create this fun menagerie easily with Perler beads. Decorate a shelf or give one to your BFF as a token of your friendship

South of the Equator

Go on an adventure to Australia and South America with Perler and discover the people and animals that live there. Perler beads makes learning fun! Designed By Holly Craft.

Biggie Beads Zebra, Tiger, Hippo

Make a zebra, tiger and hippo from Perler Biggie Beads! This trio of animals will be a "zoo-pendous" addition to your child's Perler project collection.

Monkey Mischief

These two have definitely gotten into some monkey mischief! With our monkey pegboard, you can change the outfits by changing the bead colors. Have fun!

Skater Dino Girl

She's on the move! Create this fun Dino Girl skater with Perler beads, and add the sweet detail of a chin strap on her helmet. Just too cute!

Bronto & Scorpio

Create these two fun creatures with your favorite colors of Perler beads along with our new striped beads! It's a cool new look!

Swamp Critters

Slimy, crawly, and jumpy critters of the swamp come alive in Perler Beads! Create them using our simple patterns and our uniquely shaped pegboards.

Creepy Crawlies

Create these fun Creepy Crawlies with bright colors of Perler beads along with our striped beads! Awesome!

The Pond is Alive!

With this terrific project, you create a whole scene and make the pond come to life with your Perler Bead creatures! The background picture of the pond is right here for you to download and print.

Friendly Dragon

This cute baby dragon is trying his best to puff out his fire breath, but he's just not too terrifying quite yet! With easy 3D assembly, you can even change the colors and create a sister for him!

4 Butterflies

Pretty butterflies always make great decorations for your room. You can even make a mobile with thin fishing line so they look like they're in flight!

Woodland Friends

Dimensional woodland creatures—a raccoon, an owl, and a fox—are great fun to make with Perler beads!

Things with Wings

Our striped beads create interesting feathers on these fun birds you make with Perler beads. Bright tropical colors make these guys look like they just flew out of the jungle!

Tasha's Traveling Ducky

Made by a young girl for her aunt, a world-traveling photojournalist, this ducky has been around the globe when history was in the making. Read the story on the project pattern sheet, and make your ow

Tropical Fish

This is one of our favorites—a colorful fish right off a tropical reef. His unusual shape and his googly eye give him a personality all his own!


Everyone loves a pretty flamingo, and they're even more beautiful if you make a flock of them! They can make a fun table centerpiece when displayed on a mirror.

Snowy Owl

Designed By Karen BenvenutiThis handsome snowy owl is easy to create with Perler beads! Add a peppermint-stripe scarf and he's ready to decorate your Christmas tree or winter display. Makes a cool gif

Fanciful Pets

Make these fun 3D pet scenes: a kitty and a fishbowl, a puppy with a soccer ball, and a colorful turtle playing among the flowers. Simple tab and slot assembly is used for all three.

Puppy Frame

This Perler Puppy Frame is the perfect way to show off a photo of your favorite pet! We've designed it with a puppy but we have lots of other animal pegboards to use.

Puppy Pals

This little girl puppy and her boy puppy pal look like they are ready for a romp! Have fun creating this frisky pair in Perler beads.


Create this handsome portrait of a shepherd by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger design space. Look for the other dogs in this series!

Arctic Friends

Make a visit to the cold regions when you create this fun set of Arctic Friends from Perler Beads.

Undersea Magic

Create these colorful creatures of the deep from Perler Beads and place them on our underwater scene for an exciting view of what lies beneath the sea!

Tropical Fish Scene

Go snorkeling with Perler Beads to find these colorful tropical fish scene! Created by connecting four large square pegboards to make a bigger workspace, you'll have fun visiting the deep blue sea.

Whales and Dolphins

Create colorful dolphins, breaching and spouting whales, all from Perler Beads. It's a whale of a good time!

Bathtime Buddies

These colorful penguin and fish playmates love playing in the bathtub with all the bubbles. This design you create with Perler beads will make any bathtime fun!

Aquarium Fish

Designed By Holly CraftCreate your own fantasy aquarium with these exotic looking fish. Decorate your aquarium with other Perler undersea designs, and add stickers and real sand if you like. Make it a

Sea Creatures

Colorful creatures of the deep can be created with Perler Beads using our uniquely shaped pegboards. Add them to an aquarium to keep the real fish company!

Spring Butterfly

Capturing the bright colors of spring, this butterfly has a fuzzy body and antennae made from pipe cleaners. An easy project for anyone! Designed By Karen Benvenuti.

Fun Soap

This quick and fun project lets you enjoy colorful Perler Beads in a whole different way, and it makes hand-washing a treat! What a fun gift to make with your child for Mom, a teacher or friend!

Color Wheel and Shapes

Perler Beads are a great activity for building small motor skills, and can be used for other educational purposes as well, such as shape and color identification. This project gives you all of that, a

Keepsake Box

Create this small keepsake box to hold those special treasures! It's a quick and easy assembly, and you can make several in all your favorite colors. A great beginner 3D project!

3D Star

This 3D star is so fun and easy, you'll want to make more than one! Thread a thin fishing line through one of the beads to hang it in a window, or hang a whole bunch from the ceiling for a starry nigh

You're a Star!

Create simple hollow stars with Perler beads and decorate them with bling stickers for some extra sparkle. Make one for yourself and one for your BFF!

Cupcake Party

For your child's next birthday, have a Cupcake Party! Using Perler's cupcake pegboard, you can create invitations, fun party favors, a gift tote, even let the kids make their own cupcakes! Add a littl

Yummy Cupcakes

Create these fun cupcake designs with Perler beads and have a pretend tea party! The striped beads look just like sprinkles!