Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Switch Plate Covers

Make fun switch plate covers for your room out of Perler Beads! Choose from these three designs, or use the patterns and choose your favorite colors to match your room.

Making Letters

It's easy to make letters to turn into names or words using Perler beads! Put clear adhesive dots on the back and use them as a refrigerator spelling game. Attach them to a mirror or picture frame for

Glowing Aliens

You'll use some glow-in-the-dark beads to create these cool glowing aliens and their spaceship. ET—phone home!

Play Ball!

Decorate your school locker, your fridge, anything that is metal with these cool sports balls you create with Perler beads. Make your favorite: football, basketball, baseball, or soccer!

Basketball Boys

Relive the excitement of March Madness with this great set of basketball projects. Jump shot...and he scores!

Monster Truck Show

Vrooom! Hear the roar of the engines as these Monster Trucks power their way down the track. Fun, quick, and easy to make with Perler Beads 'n Rods, these colorful trucks will entertain little boys fo

Perler Express

Create an old-fashioned steam engine train complete with coal tender, box car, tank car, and caboose, all from Perler Beads! Foot stands you make with beads let you display your train on a desk top or

World Icons

Build a world empire with Perler Beads. We have patterns for Paris' Eiffel Tower, New York's Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, London's Big Ben and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.


It's easy to make a variety of different designs using a basic pattern just by changing the colors! Make one or all of them. If you don't have these colors, just grab a bucket of multi-colored beads a

Thar She Blows!

Create this awesome whale design with fun colors of Perler Beads! Imagine this giant creature in the ocean coming to the surface to exhale—thar she blows!

Kites a-Flyin'

Create a colorful collection of kites with Perler Beads! These make great suncatchers in a sunny window.

Beaded Bookmark

Designed By Karen BenvenutiThis super-simple bookmark is a bead-stringing project—no fusing needed! All girls know how to braid, and they just add a few beads and rods at the beginning and end. This i

Colorful Plant Sticks

Designed By Christy GallaherAdd our adorable Love Bug and Cupcake to any floral bouquet or planter. Perfect for special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or a birthday, or just when you wa


You can make these pretty tulips bloom anytime, not just in spring! An easy pattern with lots of color makes them fun projects for any youngster.


These fun daisies are so-o-o-o easy with the daisy pegboard! They make great coasters—why not make one for everyone in your family?


This colorful butterfly surely lives at the edge of the rainbow! You can hang it in a window as a suncatcher, or use a magnet to display it on the fridge.

Wild Ties

Make Dad a couple of wearable wild ties for his birthday or Father's Day! Made completely from Perler beads with a cord tie that goes under the collar. Designed By Karen Benvenuti.

DAD Photo Frame

This racing-themed photo frame is the perfect gift for Dad on his birthday or Father's Day. Space for three photos to remind Dad of who loves him best!

Beach Buggies

Create a fun scene with beach buggies, surfboards, waves, and more! Build it in a shadow box with your own sand for a cool 3D effect!

Beach Mobile

Designed By Karen BenvenutiThis colorful mobile combines cute beach icons plus real seashells with Perler rod beads to create a fun decoration for any room or even a porch or patio. A perfect project

Citrus Hopscotch Markers

These colorful citrus slices in summery shades make great hopscotch markers!

Seashell Photo Frame

If your summer fun includes a beach vacation, this Perler seashell frame is perfect to show off a special photo.

Spinning Top

The bright colors of this top whirl into a vivid rainbow when you spin the top. A quick and easy project--perfect for a birthday party activity!

Biggie Beads Tic-Tac-Toe

This fun children's game is easy to create with Perler Beads. Choose the beads colors that YOU like best!

Can Cozies

Designed By Holly CraftCreate can cozies as gifts with Perler Beads! Shows off your school colors, your favorite team colors, or your favorite sport.

Pool Party

Create a playtime pool set using Perler Beads! It's fun time without the sun! This set would be great to take in the bath for pretend play. Designed By Holly Craft.

Camping Fun

Designed By Holly CraftHave fun creating this wilderness camping scene in Perler Beads, complete with a tent, campfire, pine trees, and a mama and baby bear!

Summer Sailing

Create this cool sailboat with a 3D hull and dream of racing in the next regatta! Change the colors in the sails and make a fleet of boats for interactive imagination play.

Boats Afloat

Recreate fun on the water when you make these vessels out of Perler Beads. A go-fast speedboat, a fishing boat, and a canoe make fun projects for anyone. Change the colors to your favorites to make th

Back to School

This fun project helps kids get in the mood for heading back to school. It's easy with Perler beads! Make it a family project, or present it as a gift to the teacher.

Lunch Bag Fun

Make lunchtime extra fun with these colorful owl and hungry monster lunch bag add-ons. Quick and easy projects for back to school crafting!

Locker Photo Frames

Decorate your school locker, your fridge, or anything you like with these sweet photo frames you create with Perler beads. Put your school picture in one, and your BFFs in the others. Very cool!

Locker Mirror

Add this handy mirror to your school locker that you can create easily with Perler beads. You can even change the colors to suit your style!

Paperclip Bookmarks

Easy, colorful paperclip bookmarks are fun to make and fun to use for school work and home reading. Change the colors if you like to suit your style! Designed By Karen Benvenuti.

Foodie Backpack Clips

Decorate your backpack with these colorful foodie designs—a donut, pizza slice, and popsicle. Add googly eyes for an extra fun look!

Notebook Style

Adding Perler bead designs to school notebooks or journals is a fun way to go from dull to dynamite! Create your own designs for other school subjects. Designed By Karen Benvenuti.

Pencil Cup

Create this colorful and useful pencil cup to hold your all your writing and coloring tools! It's easy with Perler beads! Choose your favorite colors to match your room.

Clock and Mirror

These two great projects made with Perler Beads are fun for the whole family and ones that everyone can use! Choose your favorite bead colors to make these truly your own.

School Time

This clock holds a real clock movement and is perfect for school kids to keep on schedule in the morning or while doing homework.

Football Mania

Create this fun football field project where you can imagine your favorite teams fighting it out on the gridiron! We're showing the Eagles vs the Steelers, but you can choose your own team colors. We

Game On

Whether it's two teams vying for the championship, or just your favorite football rivals, you can create their team colors easily with Perler Beads. Game on!

Halloween Bowling

Halloween Bowling is a fun game for your costume party, especially when the pins are ghoulishly fun monsters made from Perler beads! Designed By Lennis Rodriguez.

Coffin Treat Box

Designed By Lennis RodriguezThis awesome coffin makes a great treat holder for your Halloween party table. The assembly is a simple tab/slot type, which can be reinforced with glue or lacing. The lid

Monster Door Hanger

Have fun creating this goofy-eyed monster to decorate your door or school locker for Halloween! The eyes and mouth stand out from the head and a crazy spider adds a dimensional touch.

Jack-o'-Lantern Centerpiece

Our festive Jack-o'-Lantern has just the right devilish smile for Halloween! This fellow is easy to create with Perler beads and will add just the right spooky touch to a party table or front porch di

Trick or Treat Door Pouch

Create this fun door decoration with a simple weaving technique using Perler Beads! Fill your pouch with candy or colorful leaves or mini corn cobs for a colorful Halloween display. Designed By Holly

Vampire Moon and Bats

Bloodthirsty bats fly by the light of the vampire moon—beware! Make these fun Halloween designs easily with Perler Beads.

Scary Ghosties

Create a fun Halloween display with ghosts and tombstones you make from Perler beads! Spooky!

Biggie Beads Skull and Crossbones

Beware, mateys, of what lurks beyond when you see the sign of the skull and crossbones! This easy Biggie Beads project is perfect for youngsters just starting with Perler beads or older kids who enjoy


Create these fun and spooky luminaria to decorate at Halloween. Just tuck a battery-operated flicker light inside for the perfect look at night! Designed By Holly Craft.