Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Sea Creatures

Colorful creatures of the deep can be created with Perler Beads using our uniquely shaped pegboards. Add them to an aquarium to keep the real fish company!

Spring Butterfly

Capturing the bright colors of spring, this butterfly has a fuzzy body and antennae made from pipe cleaners. An easy project for anyone! Designed By Karen Benvenuti.

Fun Soap

This quick and fun project lets you enjoy colorful Perler Beads in a whole different way, and it makes hand-washing a treat! What a fun gift to make with your child for Mom, a teacher or friend!

Color Wheel and Shapes

Perler Beads are a great activity for building small motor skills, and can be used for other educational purposes as well, such as shape and color identification. This project gives you all of that, a

Keepsake Box

Create this small keepsake box to hold those special treasures! It's a quick and easy assembly, and you can make several in all your favorite colors. A great beginner 3D project!

3D Star

This 3D star is so fun and easy, you'll want to make more than one! Thread a thin fishing line through one of the beads to hang it in a window, or hang a whole bunch from the ceiling for a starry nigh

You're a Star!

Create simple hollow stars with Perler beads and decorate them with bling stickers for some extra sparkle. Make one for yourself and one for your BFF!

Cupcake Party

For your child's next birthday, have a Cupcake Party! Using Perler's cupcake pegboard, you can create invitations, fun party favors, a gift tote, even let the kids make their own cupcakes! Add a littl

Yummy Cupcakes

Create these fun cupcake designs with Perler beads and have a pretend tea party! The striped beads look just like sprinkles!

Citrus Room Sign and Switchplate Cover

Create this fresh, citrus-color room sign and switchplate cover with fun Perler Beads! Girls will love the bright cherry, orange, lemon, and lime colors.


Wow your friends with this usable beaded purse! Follow the patterns to create the panels and complete this incredible purse project.

Princess and Pony

Create Princess Violet and her pony Starbright as they seek adventure in the wide, wide world! Make up your own stories about their fun travels.


This handsome castle made from Perler Beads is the stuff of fairy tales. Make up a story about the princess that lives here as you create it.

3D Carousel

Remember those great days at the local fair or theme park? Riding the carousel was the BEST! Now you can create your own carousel of horses with Perler Beads!

3D Dollhouse Vanity and Chair

Create this pretty vanity with matching chair for your dollhouse in Perler Beads! It's easy to substitute your own colors if you want. The perfect rainy day project to do with Mom!

3D Dollhouse Table and Chair

Dress up your dollhouse with our table and chair set made from Perler Beads! You can easily substitute your favorite colors to match your dollhouse if you want. A great mother/daughter project to shar

3D Dollhouse Sofa and Table

Make fun dollhouse furniture with Perler Beads! This project includes a sofa and matching coffee table. Use our colors or change them to match your dollhouse. See the other coordinating projects!

3D Dollhouse Bed and Shelf

Create adorable dollhouse furniture in Perler Beads. This project makes a bed with a pretty quilt, and a matching shelf. Use our colors, or change them to match your dollhouse. A great "Mommy and me"

3D Dresser

This dresser made of Perler Beads is a great addition to your dollhouse furniture. It even has drawers! Now THAT is cool! Assembly is done with clear lacing and tab/slot techniques.

3D Chair

Create this easy chair to add to your dollhouse furniture made of Perler Beads. Assembly is done with a simple tab/slot technique and clear lacing.

3D Piano

Imagine a baby grand piano in the parlor of your doll house! You can create one with Perler Beads. This piano looks so real you can almost hear the music playing…

3D Fireplace

Every dollhouse needs a fireplace and you can make one from Perler Beads! Assembly is simple with clear lacing.

3D Bed

Create your own dollhouse furniture with this cute bed made of Perler Beads. You will even have a pillow and a cozy quilt! Simple tab/slot assembly.


Jack pops out of his box with his April Fools message in this fun project you create with Perler beads. A colorful project with easy assembly!

Create a Scene

Designed By The Perler Design TeamWhat fun to draw or paint your own scene and decorate it with objects you make with Perler Beads! Here's one scene to get you started, then let your imagination run w

3D Picnic Faves

Our fun 3D picnic food favorites will make you hungry! The hot dog with everything, watermelon, and slice of pie a la mode are such fun. Created easily with slabs of bead pieces. Designed By Holly Cra


Create this fun cheeseburger out of Perler Beads, complete with two meat patties, double cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a sesame seed bun!

Healthy Breakfast

Have fun creating a "healthy breakfast" out of Perler Beads, complete with eggs sunny side up, bacon, and whole wheat toast with a pat of butter! Great to use with youngsters for playing pretend, or f

Switch Plate Covers

Make fun switch plate covers for your room out of Perler Beads! Choose from these three designs, or use the patterns and choose your favorite colors to match your room.

Making Letters

It's easy to make letters to turn into names or words using Perler beads! Put clear adhesive dots on the back and use them as a refrigerator spelling game. Attach them to a mirror or picture frame for

Glowing Aliens

You'll use some glow-in-the-dark beads to create these cool glowing aliens and their spaceship. ET—phone home!

Play Ball!

Decorate your school locker, your fridge, anything that is metal with these cool sports balls you create with Perler beads. Make your favorite: football, basketball, baseball, or soccer!

Basketball Boys

Relive the excitement of March Madness with this great set of basketball projects. Jump shot...and he scores!

Monster Truck Show

Vrooom! Hear the roar of the engines as these Monster Trucks power their way down the track. Fun, quick, and easy to make with Perler Beads 'n Rods, these colorful trucks will entertain little boys fo

Perler Express

Create an old-fashioned steam engine train complete with coal tender, box car, tank car, and caboose, all from Perler Beads! Foot stands you make with beads let you display your train on a desk top or

World Icons

Build a world empire with Perler Beads. We have patterns for Paris' Eiffel Tower, New York's Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, London's Big Ben and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.


It's easy to make a variety of different designs using a basic pattern just by changing the colors! Make one or all of them. If you don't have these colors, just grab a bucket of multi-colored beads a

Thar She Blows!

Create this awesome whale design with fun colors of Perler Beads! Imagine this giant creature in the ocean coming to the surface to exhale—thar she blows!

Kites a-Flyin'

Create a colorful collection of kites with Perler Beads! These make great suncatchers in a sunny window.

Beaded Bookmark

Designed By Karen BenvenutiThis super-simple bookmark is a bead-stringing project—no fusing needed! All girls know how to braid, and they just add a few beads and rods at the beginning and end. This i

Colorful Plant Sticks

Designed By Christy GallaherAdd our adorable Love Bug and Cupcake to any floral bouquet or planter. Perfect for special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or a birthday, or just when you wa


You can make these pretty tulips bloom anytime, not just in spring! An easy pattern with lots of color makes them fun projects for any youngster.


These fun daisies are so-o-o-o easy with the daisy pegboard! They make great coasters—why not make one for everyone in your family?


This colorful butterfly surely lives at the edge of the rainbow! You can hang it in a window as a suncatcher, or use a magnet to display it on the fridge.

Wild Ties

Make Dad a couple of wearable wild ties for his birthday or Father's Day! Made completely from Perler beads with a cord tie that goes under the collar. Designed By Karen Benvenuti.

DAD Photo Frame

This racing-themed photo frame is the perfect gift for Dad on his birthday or Father's Day. Space for three photos to remind Dad of who loves him best!

Beach Buggies

Create a fun scene with beach buggies, surfboards, waves, and more! Build it in a shadow box with your own sand for a cool 3D effect!

Beach Mobile

Designed By Karen BenvenutiThis colorful mobile combines cute beach icons plus real seashells with Perler rod beads to create a fun decoration for any room or even a porch or patio. A perfect project

Citrus Hopscotch Markers

These colorful citrus slices in summery shades make great hopscotch markers!

Seashell Photo Frame

If your summer fun includes a beach vacation, this Perler seashell frame is perfect to show off a special photo.