Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


3D Dollhouse Sofa and Table

Make fun dollhouse furniture with Perler Beads! This project includes a sofa and matching coffee table. Use our colors or change them to match your dollhouse. See the other coordinating projects!

3D Dollhouse Bed and Shelf

Create adorable dollhouse furniture in Perler Beads. This project makes a bed with a pretty quilt, and a matching shelf. Use our colors, or change them to match your dollhouse. A great "Mommy and me"

3D Dresser

This dresser made of Perler Beads is a great addition to your dollhouse furniture. It even has drawers! Now THAT is cool! Assembly is done with clear lacing and tab/slot techniques.

3D Chair

Create this easy chair to add to your dollhouse furniture made of Perler Beads. Assembly is done with a simple tab/slot technique and clear lacing.

3D Piano

Imagine a baby grand piano in the parlor of your doll house! You can create one with Perler Beads. This piano looks so real you can almost hear the music playing…

3D Fireplace

Every dollhouse needs a fireplace and you can make one from Perler Beads! Assembly is simple with clear lacing.

3D Bed

Create your own dollhouse furniture with this cute bed made of Perler Beads. You will even have a pillow and a cozy quilt! Simple tab/slot assembly.


Jack pops out of his box with his April Fools message in this fun project you create with Perler beads. A colorful project with easy assembly!

3D Picnic Faves

Our fun 3D picnic food favorites will make you hungry! The hot dog with everything, watermelon, and slice of pie a la mode are such fun. Created easily with slabs of bead pieces. Designed By Holly Cra

Monster Truck Show

Vrooom! Hear the roar of the engines as these Monster Trucks power their way down the track. Fun, quick, and easy to make with Perler Beads 'n Rods, these colorful trucks will entertain little boys fo

Can Cozies

Designed By Holly CraftCreate can cozies as gifts with Perler Beads! Shows off your school colors, your favorite team colors, or your favorite sport.

Pool Party

Create a playtime pool set using Perler Beads! It's fun time without the sun! This set would be great to take in the bath for pretend play. Designed By Holly Craft.

Summer Sailing

Create this cool sailboat with a 3D hull and dream of racing in the next regatta! Change the colors in the sails and make a fleet of boats for interactive imagination play.

Pencil Cup

Create this colorful and useful pencil cup to hold your all your writing and coloring tools! It's easy with Perler beads! Choose your favorite colors to match your room.

Halloween Bowling

Halloween Bowling is a fun game for your costume party, especially when the pins are ghoulishly fun monsters made from Perler beads! Designed By Lennis Rodriguez.

Coffin Treat Box

Designed By Lennis RodriguezThis awesome coffin makes a great treat holder for your Halloween party table. The assembly is a simple tab/slot type, which can be reinforced with glue or lacing. The lid

Monster Door Hanger

Have fun creating this goofy-eyed monster to decorate your door or school locker for Halloween! The eyes and mouth stand out from the head and a crazy spider adds a dimensional touch.

Jack-o'-Lantern Centerpiece

Our festive Jack-o'-Lantern has just the right devilish smile for Halloween! This fellow is easy to create with Perler beads and will add just the right spooky touch to a party table or front porch di

Trick or Treat Door Pouch

Create this fun door decoration with a simple weaving technique using Perler Beads! Fill your pouch with candy or colorful leaves or mini corn cobs for a colorful Halloween display. Designed By Holly

Fun Bat

We just love this goofy-looking Halloween bat—hardly scary at all! He's quick and easy to make with Perler beads and makes a great decoration for a spooky holiday.

Giant Pet Spider

Looks like Fang, the giant pet spider, escaped his cage again and is hanging out near the Halloween treats! He also likes to ride on your shoulder and behaves well if you attach a leash around his nec

Holiday Train

Create this festive Holiday Train to use as a colorful decoration this Christmas! Fill the cars with candies, ornaments, or tiny gifts for the ultimate effect. Easy tab/slot assembly.

White Reindeer

Designed By Lennis RodriguezOur handsome white reindeer stands about 15" tall and is easy to make with Perler beads and slot-to-slot assembly. Add a bright red bow with small jingle bells around his n

3D Christmas Trees

It's easy to create these dimensional trees with Perler Beads! There's the natural-looking evergreen in different shades of green, and the decorated tree with a shining star on top. Everything you nee

Cookie Cutter Bead Ornaments

Designed By Lennis RodriguezCookie cutter bead ornaments are fun and easy to create with whatever beads you have on hand. Finish in the cookie cutter or without it for a more free-form look. Just add

3D Santa

Designed By Holly CraftOur 3D Santa is a fun family project that you can use for decorating year after year! He stands 13" tall, and has layered, dimensional features like that big round belly, a full

Winter Play

Celebrate winter sports and outdoor fun with these skis, snowboard, skates, and sled. When it is too cold to be playing outside, these projects are a great way to bring the sport inside!

Snow Fun

Catch the fever of winter sports when you create this fun collection of designs including skiers, a sledder, and a hockey player. Four unique snowflakes and a coffee cup complete the group—fun for the

Box of Chocolates

Create this box of chocolates that almost looks like the real thing, but no calories! This is a fun project for kids to make for Mom or Grandma for Valentine's Day or a special occasion.

Rainbow and Pot of Gold

May your dreams be found at the end of the rainbow when you create this fun set with Perler beads!

Sweet Lambs

Make a flock of cute little lambs for Easter baskets, egg hunt gifts, or table decor. Designed By Karen Benvenuti.

Shake, Shake, Shake Maracas

When you make these festive maracas, you will put beads inside so they actually make noise when you shake them. What a fun way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Designed By Karen Benvenuti.