Perler Projects and Inspiration

Our available product inventory does change over time, particularly in regard to bead colors/styles, so if you see something in the supply list that is no longer available, feel free to substitute with another one of our products.


Snappix Football Sign

February is for championship football! Snap Perler beads into the flexible canvas to build your Snappix design. This sign will be a welcoming invite for any Super Bowl party!

Fishing Lure Wall Art

Create a unique piece of wall art with these Perler bead fishing lures. Project makes a great gift for the fisherman in your family.

Hot Air Balloons

Imagine the breathtaking feel of floating aloft when you create these colorful hot air balloons. A great picture window display!

Winter Sport Silhouettes

If you love winter sports, these silhouette images are just for you—a snowboarder, downhill racer, freestyle skier, and speed skater. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Team Helmets

Show your team spirit when you make a helmet in your team's colors! Idea starters provided plus a blank helmet template. Designed by Kyle McCoy.

Colorful Campers

Make these fun, colorful campers from Perler beads: the Big Green Beast, the Retro Diner, the Dreamhouse, and the Golden Egg!

Football Silhouettes

Make a great wall display for a kid's room or man-cave! 2 panels are made with classic beads, the other two with mini beads. 30" x 30" as shown.

Play Ball!

Decorate your school locker, your fridge, anything that is metal with these cool sports balls you create with Perler beads. Make your favorite: football, basketball, baseball, or soccer!

Basketball Boys

Relive the excitement of March Madness with this great set of basketball projects. Jump shot...and he scores!

Monster Truck Show

Vrooom! Hear the roar of the engines as these Monster Trucks power their way down the track. Fun, quick, and easy to make with Perler Beads 'n Rods, these colorful trucks will entertain little boys fo

Kites a-Flyin'

Create a colorful collection of kites with Perler Beads! These make great suncatchers in a sunny window.

Citrus Hopscotch Markers

These colorful citrus slices in summery shades make great hopscotch markers!

Pool Party

Create a playtime pool set using Perler Beads! It's fun time without the sun! This set would be great to take in the bath for pretend play. Designed By Holly Craft.

Camping Fun

Designed By Holly CraftHave fun creating this wilderness camping scene in Perler Beads, complete with a tent, campfire, pine trees, and a mama and baby bear!

Summer Sailing

Create this cool sailboat with a 3D hull and dream of racing in the next regatta! Change the colors in the sails and make a fleet of boats for interactive imagination play.

Boats Afloat

Recreate fun on the water when you make these vessels out of Perler Beads. A go-fast speedboat, a fishing boat, and a canoe make fun projects for anyone. Change the colors to your favorites to make th

Football Mania

Create this fun football field project where you can imagine your favorite teams fighting it out on the gridiron! We're showing the Eagles vs the Steelers, but you can choose your own team colors. We

Game On

Whether it's two teams vying for the championship, or just your favorite football rivals, you can create their team colors easily with Perler Beads. Game on!

Winter Sports

If you're a fan of wintertime sports, you'll love these three designs you can make from Perler Beads! Create a figure skater, a skier, and a hockey player, and make the most of your winter fun!

Snow Fun

Catch the fever of winter sports when you create this fun collection of designs including skiers, a sledder, and a hockey player. Four unique snowflakes and a coffee cup complete the group—fun for the