Double Bead Tray

Double Perler Bead Tray



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The Perler Double Bead Tray offers 2 large storage trays filled with Perler beads! The convenient storage tray with snap-on lid keeps the colors separated. Includes a total of 8000 Perler fuse beads with 250 beads of 32 different colors: black, grey, brown, orange, cheddar, yellow, light brown, dark blue, blueberry cream, green, light green, red, purple, pink, light pink, white, light blue, plum, toothpaste, hot coral, kiwi lime, raspberry, pearl light pink, zebra stripe, grape stripe, fire stripe, cinnamon stripe, turquoise and white stripe, prickly pear and black stripe, prickly pear pearl stripe, silver pearl stripe, raspberry pearl stripe. For ages 6 and up.